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Hybrid - some facts about Environmental issue

best oil for AC
The hybrid vehicle typically achieves greater fuel economy and lower emissions than conventional internal combustion engine vehicles (ICEVs), resulting in fewer emissions being generated.
These savings are primarily achieved by three elements of a typical hybrid design: Relying on both the engine and the electric motors for peak power needs, resulting in a smaller engine size more for average usage rather than peak power usage.

A smaller engine can have less internal losses and lower weight. Having significant battery storage capacity to store and reuse recaptured energy, especially in stop-and-go traffic typical of the city driving cycle. Recapturing significant amounts of energy during braking that are normally wasted as heat.

This regenerative braking reduces vehicle speed by converting some of its kinetic energy into electricity, depending upon the power rating of the motor/generator; Other techniques that are not necessarily 'hybrid' features, but that are frequently found on hybrid vehicles include: Using Atkinson cycle engines instead of Otto cycle engines for improved fuel economy. Shutting down the engine during traffic stops or while coasting or during other idle periods. Improving aerodynamics; (part of the reason that SUVs get such bad fuel economy is the drag on the car. A box shaped car or truck has to exert more force to move through the air causing more stress on the engine making it work harder). Improving the shape and aerodynamics of a car is a good way to help better the fuel economy and also improve vehicle handling at the same time. Using low rolling resistance tires (tires were often made to give a quiet, smooth ride, high grip, etc., but efficiency was a lower priority). Tires cause mechanical drag, once again making the engine work harder, consuming more fuel.

Hybrid cars may use special tires that are more inflated than regular tires and stiffer or by choice of carcass structure and rubber compound have lower rolling resistance while retaining acceptable grip, and so improving fuel economy whatever the power source. Powering the a/c, power steering, and other auxiliary pumps electrically as and when needed; this reduces mechanical losses when compared with driving them continuously with traditional engine belts. These features make a hybrid vehicle particularly efficient for city traffic where there are frequent stops, coasting and idling periods.

In addition noise emissions are reduced, particularly at idling and low operating speeds, in comparison to conventional engine vehicles.
For continuous high speed highway use these features are much less useful in reducing emissions. Źródło:

Style of the car

Most cars are designed to carry multiple occupants, often with four or five seats.
Cars with five seats typically seat two passengers in the front and three in the rear. Full-size cars and large sport utility vehicles can often carry six, seven, or more occupants depending on the arrangement of the seats.

In the other hand, sports cars are most often designed with only two seats.

The differing needs for passenger capacity and their luggage or cargo space has resulted in the availability of a large variety of body styles to meet individual consumer requirements that include, among others, the sedan/saloon, hatchback, station wagon/estate, and minivan.Źródło:

What is important for drivers?

Despite the fact that people interested in the automotive industry very keen viewing messages associated with handwritten carrying out repairs in the car or parts replacement, however, a large part of radio listeners or people viewing web pages are waiting for a completely different type of information.
This is important especially when we are on the way.
Well, very important are the current traffic information. More than one radio provides such information, which is certainly often awaited by drivers standing in unexpected traffic jams and so on.
Thanks to that we will hear information about the accident or other traffic problems well in advance, we can even change your route so you can avoid traffic problems..

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best oil for AC