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Brayton cycle

Brayton cycle Main article: Brayton cycle Brayton cycle A gas turbine is a rotary machine somewhat similar in principle to a steam turbine.

It consists of three main components: compressor, combustion chamber, and turbine.

The air is compressed by the compressor where a temperature rise occurs. The compressed air is further heated by combustion of injected fuel in the combustion chamber which expands the air.

This energy rotates the turbine which powers the compressor via a mechanical coupling.

The hot gases are then exhausted to provide thrust. Gas turbine cycle engines employ a continuous combustion system where compression, combustion, and expansion occur simultaneously at different places in the engine?giving continuous power. Notably, the combustion takes place at constant pressure, rather than with the Otto cycle, constant volume.Źródło:

A few words about the ads automotive

Ads for the automotive industry are one of the most viewed by Internet users announcements relating to the exchange or purchase.
The information contained in the notices contained in the virtual network often refer to many years of cars imported from abroad or after the accident.
Of course, in most cases virtual proposal is only the form of information, and more content about our cars we need to look at the personal meeting.

However, this does not discourage all sorts of scammers is the use of such trafficking on the Internet.

Thus, by choosing Internet announcement on the interesting vehicles you need to be undoubtedly very vigilant for any kind of fraud.

How to choose a fuel for the car?

best oil for TVR Each fuel has its supporters and detractors.
Experts automotive industry can give many reasons for allowing the selection of a suitable fuel for our car.

However, not always the cheapest solution turns out to be the best for driver or car owner.

For example, if you want to consider the option of supplying gas in our car, we must know that it is necessary to install proper installation.

This is connected with considerable costs, but on the other hand, avoids the higher fees in the future.

However, a group of drivers who decide to change their system already installed in your car, however, is quite sparse..

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best oil for TVR